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I am trying to make a wpf application where I want to integrate lync. I want to show my lync contacts, just like facebook contacts at extreme right vertical bar, with search functionality if I want to search any employee. When I want to start any conversation by clicking on that contact, the contact should open like tabbed conversation docked at the bottom, just like in facebook, or similarly if I get any ping from someone it should open as a docked tab at the bottom. I have not tried any code yet, but I just want to know if this feasible or any alternatives to this approach.

Thanks In Advance.

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Yes this is all doable.

Microsoft have provided a sample set of working WPF controls for use with Lync. For instance, you can drop in a contact list control and a contact search input box control and be up and running with a searchable contact list with zero coding!

There's a write up on thoughtstuff and MSDN has a walkthrough.

There are approximately 20 controls: Lync SDK controls

All of the controls can be reskinned, they are basic WPF elements. The SDK has full details on doing this.

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