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Working with xenserver, and I want to perform a command on each file that is in a directory, grepping some stuff out of the output of the command and appending it in a file.

I'm clear on the command I want to use and how to grep out string(s) as needed.

But what I'm not clear on is how do I have it perform this command on each file, going to the next, until no more files are found.

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grep $PATTERN * would be sufficient. By default, grep would skip all subdirectories. However, if you want to grep through them, grep -r $PATTERN * is the case.

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"grep -r $PATTERN ." is sufficient. For recursive grep you do not need to specify all files –  Cougar Oct 2 '13 at 6:26

In Linux, I normally use this command to recursively grep for a particular text within a dir

grep -rni "string" * >> list.txt
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