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there are lot of content giving solution around this question, but answers were not convincing so I had to post here.

We had two branches of our code, I merged one into another, but other team members had seen lot of overrides in the merged version, so all that I want is to rollback the project to a version (x) before the merge(x+1) happenend.

I have VS 2012/ Eclipse TFS everywhere 2011.

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In Visual Studio 2012, you have a few options.

Rollback to a specific version

In Source Control Explorer:

  1. Right Click the branch you wish to roll back
  2. Click Rollback...
  3. Choose Rollback to a specific version
  4. Enter the changeset number you wish to roll back to.

Rollback a single changeset (you can do this through the dialog loaded above too)

  1. Right click the changeset you wish to rollback
  2. Choose Rollback entire changset

Checkin the rollback.

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I couldn't find the 'Rollback' option in the Context menu when right-clicking an item. I want to rollback the entire solution to a specific changeset. –  Shimmy Apr 10 '13 at 1:05
The rollback button is available only if you have TFS Power Tools installed. Otherwise go with Rollback a specific changeset in the history of your branch. –  Tomas Walek Sep 16 '13 at 8:50

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