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I want to translate specific word only in my PHP website.

for example

    Data      Language      Translation
    Hello     select        ___________

When user select language from drop down than Translation field should be update with translation of Hello into selected language.

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You can use gtranslate-api-php, its pretty simple to use it.


         $gt = new Gtranslate;
         echo "Translating [Hello World] from English to German => ".$gt->english_to_german("hello world")."<br/>";
         echo "Translating [Ciao mondo] Italian to English => ".$gt->it_to_en("Ciao mondo")."<br/>";
      } catch (GTranslateException $ge)
        echo $ge->getMessage();

BTW, you should make a ajax request when users selects the lang to a php file(if you are not using a framework) which contains this code and than return the value and populate the required field.

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