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I am working on basic MSI project in installshield for one WPF application.

I have added pre-requisite for .Net Framework, but this pre-requisite installs .Net framework according to registry value of .Net.

But my problem is, if .Net Framework is corrupted on user's machine, then how do i detect if it is corrupted or not and how do i repair it while installation.

Please suggest me solution for this asap. Thanks in advance.

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How do you detect that the framework is corrupted outside of the installation? If you have a programmatic approach for that, perhaps it can be done by the installation. But I don't know how you'd detect such a thing to begin with. –  Michael Urman Mar 9 '13 at 20:00
That is the main issue. How do I detect if .Net is corrupted or not. There is one tool ".Net Varification Tool", but it is also not accurate. And if any how I can find out if .Net is currupted, how do I repair it through pre-requisite? –  Hardik Kothari Mar 11 '13 at 7:11

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Windows Installer has a mutex that enforces one installation per machine. So even if you had code to detect a broken framework, you wouldn't be able to start the repair.

What's the origin of this requirement anyways? IMO it shouldn't be your problem if the user has a broken framework. Point them to the verification tool and let them figure it out.

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