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I am using capistrano to deploy my php application.I have a requirement to copy a list of configuration files from previous release to new release. The list is maintained in an array. When I am looping over this array to copy from previous to current release , in case the source file is not found it throw an error and further execution stops. I want the script to ignore such case and keep executing next command printing a simple message if source file does not exist. I tried using command like following, but no luck: run "test -f /tmp/myfile && cp -p /tmp/myfile /home/admin

or even


 run "cp -p /tmp/myfile /home/admin" 


  print " file doesnot exist"


Thanks in advance !!

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I'd go with this:

run <<-CMD
  if [ -f /tmp/myfile ]; then \
    cp -p /tmp/myfile /home/admin; \
  else \
    echo 'myfile does not exist'; \

Remember that all capistrano run commands are executed on the remote server, and only an exit value of 0 indicates success. The result of "test -f /tmp/myfile && cp -p /tmp/myfile /home/admin would still be 1 if /tmp/myfile does not exist. You could use || to call echo with a message that the file does not exist:

test -f /tmp/myfile && cp -p /tmp/myfile /home/admin && echo myfile does not exist

Which is the same thing.

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Thanks a lot, it worked exactly how I require. – Ruhi Singh Mar 8 '13 at 7:56

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