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has anyone worked with gmail with

how do i access my inbox and find emails that were sent from a specific person and send a reply to them?

i have a list of people with whom i keep in touch with from school and since i have not replied to them in a while, i would like to feed a list of email addresses into the program that would then find emails from those people and it would reply to those emails

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You can use .Net's built-in SmtpClient class to send email. To send using GMail, use the following configuration:

Dim smtp as New SmtpClient

smtp.Credentials = New NetworkCredential("", "your password")
smtp.Port = 587
smtp.UseSsl = True

To read email, you'll need to find a .Net library for POP or IMAP; Google it.

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You can send a message with the same subject and add RE: to the beginning

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