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I tried to resign one IPA file (Project is build under HTML 5) using this following scripts,

unzip application.ipa

rm -r "Payload/" "Payload/" 2> /dev/null | true

cp "/Users/playdom/Desktop/BA/Code/Profiles/something.mobileprovision" "Payload/"

/usr/bin/codesign -f -s "iPhone Distribution: something" --resource-rules "Payload/" "Payload/"

zip -qr "Application.test.ipa" Payload


And it changes the sign and I can install the Build at my device. But the problem is whenever I tried to start my application it shows the splash screen and crash!!! I checked the IPA with default Profile (I wanted to change...) and it works ok. That means the problem is in the resign process!!!

I tried check the Xcode/Organizer/Console and saw it shows entitlement issue!!. I followed the same script and process with other IPA (Build under Obj C) it works fine. I don't understand what is the issue? Do I need to change the info.plist, Bundle identifier? I tried that but after that it don't even install!!. Any body has any idea?

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I don't know how that's supposed to work. You can't run a build that's signed for the App Store distribution on a device. I always take my App Store builds and re-sign them with a development provisioning profile to test them on a device.

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