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Currently we are using Lucene for our search engine, but we want to look at some alternatives. I have looked at several on the net but seems like a lot of them are out of date or the development stopped. That is why I want to ask if you guys know any good open-source alternatives to Lucene that are still in development?

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Try Sphinx search http://sphinxsearch.com/. It is used by many NLP researchers.

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Thanks for the answer. Will check it out ;) –  Merlijn Mar 8 '13 at 7:20

If you are looking for an open source and Java based alternative, then you could try Terreir. Note that Terrier targets academia.

If the language is not an issue, then you could look at Xapian. I found its community quite active, and it has participated in Google Summer of Code several times.

Otherwise, you could try Whoosh, a python based search library.

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Thanks for all the suggestions. Will certainly take a look at them. We're looking for java based alternatives btw –  Merlijn Mar 9 '13 at 15:05

FastcatSearch is also open source and java based alternative.

Lucene is a IR library as already you know, Solr is a search server, and FastcatSearch is a counterpart of Solr.

It provides web-based manager, so that you can set up configs easily.

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