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sudo -u rei_sh -H -s <<-EOM

echo "hi"

for i in $(find -name *.properties)


echo "ivalue is \$i"




I am using the above piece of code.

When I run the code only "hi" gets printed.

but if I use "for i in one two" the following gets printed

ivalue is one
ivalue is two.

Why can't I loop through the output of find command inside a here document?

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Note that << works just as well as <<- here, since the HEREDOC is never seen by human eyes. (And since there is no indentation, they are exactly identical). – William Pursell Mar 8 '13 at 10:51

Because the $(...) is run before the sudo kicks need to quote the EOM:

sudo -u rei_sh -H -s <<-'EOM'
    echo "hi"
    for i in $(find -name *.properties)
        echo "ivalue is $i"

The exit is redundant. With the quotes around the EOM, you also don't need to escape the $ in the echo command. You could alternatively have escaped the $ before the $(...) to prevent the pre-sudo shell from executing the command.

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Hi @Jonathan.i tried with 'EOM'.still the same result.Just "hi" gets printed.Please advice. Before posting the question here,I tried escaping the $ before the $(...).That didnt work too. – Jacksonvj Mar 8 '13 at 11:36
Oh, fiddlesticks! The find command should be fixed. find . -name '*.properties' or thereabouts, but you should be getting error messages from it, I think. – Jonathan Leffler Mar 8 '13 at 15:40

process substitution & variable expansion happens before heredocs are processed.

Try escaping the $ signs & glob (*).

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