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I have two presentations:

Presentation A & B

I started with Presentation A, went till slide 3 and navigated to Presentation B, went through some of the slides and returned back to Presentation A.

Here I should land on slide 3 where I left earlier?

Can it be done through Javascript using cookies? If so, what algorithm should be used?

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Yes, this can be done using javascript. As for the algorithm:

  1. When a presentation is loaded, check for your cookie.
  2. If it exists, jump to the slide number saved.
  3. If it does not exist, create the cookie with value 1 (referring to first slide).

You should use a cookie name which would be specific to the presentation, perhaps something like sitename_presentation_[presentation_id] That's pretty much it. You can find more information about setting and reading cookies in javascript here.

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