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Iam trying to build uImage for imx6 sabrelite board for gstreamer. iam trying to build gst-plugins-gl but im getting errors as follows host is arm-unknown-linux-gnu checking for fbGetDisplay in -lEGL... no checking for X... no checking X11/Xlib.h usability... no checking X11/Xlib.h presence... no checking for X11/Xlib.h... no configure: cannot find X11 development files checking EGL/egl.h usability... no checking EGL/egl.h presence... no checking for EGL/egl.h... no checking GL/gl.h usability... no checking GL/gl.h presence... no checking for GL/gl.h... no configure: error: GL or EGL is required, consider installing libgl1-mesa-dev

i installed libgl1-mesa-dev after recompiling it again i am still getting the same errors please guide me how can i build it sucessfully
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To build gst-plugins-gl, you need to select the gpu-viv-bin-mx6q package (in LTIB configure, which you can access using ./ltib -c).

The error you're seeing ("consider installing libgl1-mesa-dev") is referring to your target platform filesystem, not your Linux host.

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