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There are multiple modules in my application . All of them are maven projects .

So I am working on creating a parent pom for all these projects and was able to create one and ran maven build on this parent pom and works fine build

But when I opened the project in eclipse , the parent pom was not included in the projects displayed so it was picking it up for the build process to take place . My project structure is as follows


So what do I need to make an eclipse recognise this parent pom ? I created another maven module and made it parent pom . But is there any way i could avoid creating another project and achieve the above scenario ?

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One thing you can do is to import the global structure as a maven project on its own and then import the subprojects one by one as maven project in eclipse.

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but I would have to do this every time i checkout these projects from svn right? –  Sam Mar 8 '13 at 7:36
no, you just synchronize your parent (global) project and refresh your workspace accordingly. I don't like multimodule but I inherited a structure like yours and it works fine like I described in eclipse synchronizing with cvs (sic). –  benzonico Mar 8 '13 at 7:40
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