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Is there a way to Edit the TextColor of the text inside Toasts in Windows8 ?

Created like this.

var toastXml = new XmlDocument();
var title = toastXml.CreateElement("toast");
var visual = toastXml.CreateElement("visual");
visual.SetAttribute("version", "1");
visual.SetAttribute("lang", "en-US");
var binding = toastXml.CreateElement("binding");
binding.SetAttribute("template", "ToastImageAndText02");
image.SetAttribute("src", ActualPathToSet);

//Here the Text is assigned
var heading = toastXml.CreateElement("text");
heading.SetAttribute("id", "1");
heading.InnerText = R.GetResourceString("Hello World");

var toast = new ToastNotification(toastXml);

I have created a toast like above and want to change the TextColor property.

using C# +XAML + Win8

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Change foreground color in manifest file.

enter image description here

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I think this is not possible because the Toast Notification is a system internal function and the color is given by the user setting background color.

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