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I have a website, unpublished, it contains a web service that is written in .net. The rest of the website uses I want to host the website in IIS. Anyone knows a good web hosting company that supports the above techniques? Most of them don't say clearly whether they support SOAP, WSDL, & Web Services or not. Thanks for any recommendation.

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If they support ASP.NET, then they support ASMX web services. If this is what you're using, then you should be all set. There's no special support required for "WSDL". – John Saunders Oct 7 '09 at 0:34
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Pretty much all ASP.NET web hosters will support ASP.NET SOAP web services. Unless you're trying to listen on a non-standard port (i.e. a port other than 80 or 443) you won't have any problems.

Without trying to oversimplify, but at the end of the day ASP.NET SOAP Web Services (ASMX) are just another type of ASP.NET page that do HTTP request/responses. Instead of HTML being returned it's XML.

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DiscountASP.Net allows the use of web services and IIS

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