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Adding metadata to jsTree

Above post tells only how to get the metadata. But can anyone help me how can i add a new property for metadata on selecting the node.Example on select-node i want to do a ajax request to django view which returns properties such as size,create date etc..How can i set these to a node?

        type : 'GET',
        url : '',
        dataType : 'json',

        success : function(jsonData) {

                "themes" : {
                    "theme" : "default",

                    "dots" : true,
                    "icons" : true,
                    "url" : "/css/themes/default/style.css"

                "json_data" : jsonData,
                "plugins" : ["themes", "json_data", "ui", "contextmenu","crrm"],
                "contextmenu" : {
                items : createMenu

            }).bind("select_node.jstree", function(e, data) {


Thanks in advance..

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jsTree will make an ajax call and your application will return full definition of the node. The ajax call will not only update the existing data. This would be the easiest solution to your question. –  Radek Mar 10 '13 at 22:31
@Radek Thanks..but i don't want that to happen because again it takes time to form a tree.Is there any ways where i can just add a node properties to it on selecting a node? –  shara Mar 11 '13 at 6:12
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