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I have a phone number and I want to make it linkable with CSS. The phone number is a background (CSS) inserted in a div. Is this possible with CSS?

the probleme is ... i have a lot of pages and i have only a css page linked to all that pages. "no JS" and i don't want to go all around changing "div" by "a".

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Yep, instead of a div use an a element in this way:

a.phone-number {
    display: block;
    width: ...;
    height: ...;
    background: url(...);

and then your html will be

<a href="#url#" class="phone-number"></a>
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No, you cannot create links with CSS. CSS is for rendering suggestions, not for enhancing the functionality or adding new elements.

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stead of div make it a background-image of an a example below


<a href="#">phone</a>


background: url(images/sample.jpg);

hopefully it help

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You will need to use an <a> tag. The <a> is the semantically correct element to use giving your markup more meaning.

Using HTML5 you should mark up your telephone link like so.

<a href="tel:+13174562564">317-456-2564</a>

This allows mobile devices such as iPhones and Androids to recognise it as a phone number and will initiate a phone call when touched.

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Something like this?

<div class="number"></div>

.number{ /* mention the div class name or id here */
    cursor: pointer;
    cursor: hand; /*for cross-browser support */
    border-bottom: 1px solid blue; /* give your own color */
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