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I have started using the TYPO3 extension "news" and I would like to create in the LIST VIEW a "Facebook Like Button" for the Detail View of each enty. For this I need to fetch the URL of the DETAIL VIEW, not the whole <a> tag. How can i do this?

I tried this, but it didnt work:

<n:link configuration="{returnLast: 'url'}" newsItem="{newsItem}" settings="{settings}">
    Link to detail page

It uses Fluid Templates, which I'm completely new with, so I don't know how complicated this actually is.

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I found the solution. parameter uriOnly:

<n:link uriOnly='1' newsItem='{newsItem}' settings='{settings}'></n:link>"
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If you need the full url, you also need to append configuration="{forceAbsoluteUrl: 1}" –  pduersteler Apr 15 at 17:51

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