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i use ruby on rails. also i use minitest framework for testing and mongoid for database. i want to write a model test. my model is below:

class Identity
  include Mongoid::Document
  include OmniAuth::Identity::Models::Mongoid

  field :name
  field :email
  field :password_digest

  validates :name, uniqueness: true

the model test is:

describe Identity do
  it "must include OmniAuth::Identity::Models::Mongoid" do
    Identity.must_include OmniAuth::Identity::Models::Mongoid

  it "should have name" do :name

  it "should have email" do :email

  it "should have password_digest" do :password_digest

   it "should type of String" do "String"

my problem is about testing the field's type

it "should type of String" do "String"

How can i test a field's type? Thanks in advance.

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maybe you need something like String? – Ilya Boltnev Mar 8 '13 at 9:00
too basd you don't use rspec: – apneadiving Mar 8 '13 at 9:19
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Just a tip - while not an answer to your actual question, it is usually not that wise test implementation details of code, because it is more likely to change, and if you think of system validation through tests, it is not that important how it is implemented, but what it does, eg. how it behaves.

A canonical example is that of testing functionality of a Stack class. Instead of pushing and popping items out of stack and checking the size, it is likely better to just push and pop things, and see that if you pop an empty stack, you get appropriate exception. And naturally you want to check that items are returned in last in, first out (LIFO) order.

So, in your case, instead of testing what kind of type your field name is, rather test what you do with the name.

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