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Do we have a solution for this?

my code is something like this:

preparedStatement.SetObject(i , MyArray);

Here , MyArray is an array of record fetched form a table. Now , whenever the above statement finds a value null it throws an SQL exception : invalid Column type.

Options available are to use setObject(int parameterIndex, Object x, int sqlType) or setNull , but in that case i need to provide SQL type of the target column, which doesn't seem possible.


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"i need to provide SQL type of the target column, which doesn't seem possible". Why? Don't you know the definition of your table? (Btw: there is no SetObject() function in JDBC, only setObject()) –  a_horse_with_no_name Mar 22 '13 at 23:25

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you can try using setNull with NULL type:

if(myArray == null) {
    preparedStatement.setNull(i, Types.NULL);

And please follow Java coding standards - variables and methods are initial lower case!

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preparedStatement.setObject(i , MyArray, java.sql.Types.ARRAY);

With the info available this is all I can come up with. Hopefully, this should work.


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