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I'm using Sql server 2008 R2 and from some reason, for one field from my database, the values are changed than the one the users insert. I suspect it is a job, a procedure, something that uses that field, and somehow changes the initial value. therefore I need to find all "objects" that have that field specified in its body, as a manor of speaking. Any clues?

Thank you so much, Bogdan.

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I find SQL Search from RedGate really useful for stuff like this:

SQL Search

It's a free tool that plugs in to SSMS that looks through all databases on an instance and finds text in there really quickly.

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In SQL Server you can RIGHT-CLICK the table and VIEW DEPENDENCIES. This will show some details.

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Becouse I did not get any suitable answer I want to help others. So one can use:

DECLARE @SearchTextInformation NVARCHAR(MAX) 
SET @SearchTextInformation = '<the name of the table, view, or object you want to find>' ;
SELECT [ao].[name], [asm].[definition] 
FROM sys.all_objects ao 
JOIN sys.all_sql_modules asm 
ON [ao].[object_id] = [asm].[object_id] 
WHERE [asm].[definition] LIKE '%' + @SearchTextInformation+ '%'

It will return, all objects that in their description it is mentioned your "object". Best regards, Bogdan

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