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I have two nodejs servers (web-server, socket-server), that are connected to each other by socket.io. On web-service I use express.js and passport.js as authentication middleware.

This is my web-server config:

var express = require('express'),
    mongo = require('mongodb'),
    io = require('socket.io'),
    passport = require('passport'),
    LocalStrategy = require('passport-local').Strategy,
    MongoStore = require('connect-mongo')(express);

app.configure(function () {
        secret: 'keyboard cat',
        store: new MongoStore({
          db: 'MyDatabase'
    app.use(express.static(__dirname + '/htdocs'));

When I use connect-mongo, it creates a new session for each http-request.

This element creates with log in request:

  "_id" : "UCnXade6Bk6ofOZ+jiEgzyH8",
  "session" : "{\"cookie\":{\"originalMaxAge\":31536000000,\"expires\":\"2014-03-07T13:07:45.703Z\",\"httpOnly\":true,\"path\":\"/\"},\"passport\":{\"user\":\"50cae08806e31ea2e5634e3f\"}}",
  "expires" : new Date("7.3.2014 19:07:45")

And this element creates each time, when I press F5, or take socket.

  "_id" : "JhypbYFtj1CGOK/ylMhG8+Yk",
  "session" : "{\"cookie\":{\"originalMaxAge\":null,\"expires\":null,\"httpOnly\":true,\"path\":\"/\"},\"passport\":{}}",
  "expires" : new Date("21.3.2013 19:03:38")

When web-server takes socket connection, connect-mongo creates new session. There are about 50 new documents per minute.

What could be the reason?


In the case of updating the page, helped tip to add app.use(express.favicon()).

With sockets question is still actual.

My socket-server code

function sendPortalJSON (portal_id, data, _event) {
        host : ....,
        port : ....,
        path : "/" + _event + "?data=" + encodeURIComponent( JSON.stringify (data))
    }).on('error', function (err) {

sendPortalJSON(1, agent_data[i].d, "cpu-details");

And on web-server:

app.get('/cpu-details', function (req, res) { });
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First, try moving the static middleware to before the session middleware. Also, some browsers handle requests for /favicon.ico a bit funky, so try using express.favicon() to see if it solves your problem.

So something like this:

app.use(express.static(__dirname + '/htdocs'));
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Awesome! When I used express.favicon(), all was well when I press F5. But, when I started my socket.io server, connect-mongo still continues create new documents. I added some code of my socket-server. –  msmirnov Mar 8 '13 at 9:36
Make sure to place any routes or middleware that should not be handled by passport and/or the sessions middlewares before those middlewares. Just curious, but is there a reason that you're using a separate socket.io server? You can mix socket.io and Express together in one server app. –  robertklep Mar 8 '13 at 9:49
I incorrectly said. Я have two nodejs servers, and connection is made between them by socket.io. –  msmirnov Mar 8 '13 at 9:57

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