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In Win32 API, in windows messages assume a menu of

&File -- &Edit -- &View

The user clicks File. A WM_SYSCOMMAND (WParam = SC_MOUSEMENU or maybe SC_KEYMENU) and then a WM_ENTERMENULOOP is sent. The user clicks Edit. Same.

I would like to know which one is about to be displayed right before it pops up. Is it &File, is &Edit that was activated?

It doesn't look like either WM_SYSCOMMAND or WM_ENTERMENULOOP pass information that provides this. Is there a way I can determine this?

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This message is sent to the owner window. Its wParam parameter contains the HMENU of the popup menu that is about to be displayed.

The low-order word of its lParam parameter specifies the index of the menu item that opens the popup, and its high-order word is TRUE if the popup menu is the system menu, or FALSE otherwise.

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