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I have a list of employee details in my action class. I am showing them in dataTable in JSF. And allowing User to edit the properties.

I want to map all those properties and objects to the list in action class. I tried using managed property...but I want how that properties can be passed from JSP page. How can that be achieved in JSF?

 // Navigation rule configured and works well

 //Action clss
public class EmployeePropertiesBean

    private List<Exmployee> emplyeeList = new ArrayList<Exmployee>(); //with getter setters

//JSP page
<h:dataTable value="#{employeeProps.emplyeeList}" var="employeePropEntry" >

<h:inputText value="#{advancedPropEntry.value}" id="propText" rendered="#{employeePropEntry.type=='text'}">
// Trying to populated the Employee list properties using below the but not working... Similar stuff works with Struts
<h:inputHidden id="emplyeeList[0].name" value="#{employeePropEntry.name}"></h:inputHidden>

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Show us relevant parts of your code. –  partlov Mar 8 '13 at 9:46
You should read up on the proper use of the dataTable component in JSF. It should contain column children components and your other components belong in a column. Secondly, id="emplyeeList[0].name" is not a valid ID. This is supposed to be a unique value that represents this component on the page and the server. I suggest that you find a good book on JSF and try to master the basics first because it is very different from Struts. –  maple_shaft Mar 8 '13 at 11:59

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