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I'm trying to replace the tags <br/> and <br> in my string

this is the code that I found on the web, but this prints "\n" as a text, and I need a new line break

$fldtextArea_name = str_replace("<br>", "\n", $fldtextArea_name);  
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Here is a good answer for you: – Mohammad Alsallal Mar 8 '13 at 10:00
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Try this:

$fldtextArea_name = str_replace("<br>", "\n", $fldtextArea_name); 
echo "<pre>" . $fldtextArea_name . "</pre>";
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That code works perfect. when you

echo $fldtextArea_name; 

it works ok... Are you sure you did not wrote '\n' instead of (correctly) "\n" ? for instance:

$fld = str_replace("<br>", "\n", "aaa<br>bbbb<br>ccc<br>");
echo $fld;

will output :

aaa bbbb ccc

on the browser and if you look at the page source you will see:

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