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This is kind of improvement of my previous question: c# generate random string based on pattern

I have code as below:

class Generator
    private static readonly Random R = new Random();
    private static readonly char[] L = { 'a', 'b', 'c', 'd', 'e' };
    private static readonly char[] U = { 'A', 'B', 'C', 'D', 'E' };
    private static readonly char[] S = { '!', '@', '#', '$', '%' };

    public static string FromPattern(string pattern)
        return Regex.Replace(pattern, @"\[([Ccds])(?::([\d]+))?\]", ReplaceSingleMatch);

    private static string ReplaceSingleMatch(Match m)
        int length;
        if (!int.TryParse(m.Groups[2].Value, out length))
            length = 1;

        var output = new StringBuilder();
        while (output.Length != length)
            switch (m.Groups[1].Value)
                case "d"://digits
                    output.Append(R.Next(0, 9));
                case "c"://lowercase char
                case "C"://uppercase char
                case "s"://special char
        return output.ToString();

Using above I can write:

Generator.FromPattern("ID: [d:3][c:2]#[C][s:2]")

And I will get sample output like : ID: 263ac#D$!

So when I enter [d] I get single digit, if I enter [d:5] I get 5 digits.

What I would like to add is range, so when I enter [d:2-5] I would get randomly from 2 to 5 random digits.

My biggest problem is regex, rest is easy :)

I need my regex to search below groups:

  • [d],
  • [d:3] (it must be number after colon),
  • [d:2-5] (two numbers separated by dash)

Any suggestion about improvements are welcome!

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Awesome tool for regular expressions : http://www.ultrapico.com/Expresso.htm

Here's the expression I came up with (with named capture groups) :


enter image description here

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thanks for help and for link, I'm already testing it :) –  Misiu Mar 8 '13 at 11:11

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