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I am developing a JavaScript SPA using DurandalJs and BreezeJs as main technologies in the client side. I would like to know what libraries I can use to do my application support different languages. I have been doing a little of searching and I have found that JED.js ( can be a good option for this task.

However I am not very sure, can somebody recommend nay library for this task, or give me some opinion about JED.js.

Also I would like to ask about some library for store information in the browser. Can somebody recommend me one? I have thought in amplify.js, it gives good functionality for doing request to the server and caching this information. But in my application I am using breezejs, so this part is not needed. I only need to store some data like the username and some little information.

Very thanks.


I have implemented my system using for storing information in the browser and i18next ( to make my application avaliable in different human-languages.

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I am not much help on the first part of your question. I'm quite interested in the response myself!

I do have some thoughts on local storage. AmplifyJS is really three independent libraries. One of them,, is dedicated to the local storage issue and is worth looking at. You might look at lawnchair. Finally, look at the Breeze DocCode sample for examples of storing full and partial entity caches in browser local storage; it's primitive but gives you hints.

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Thank @Ward, using amplifyJs for store is definitively the best option for me. Also, If I decide to do my application works in offline mode, I will use a mix of breeze( and amplifyJs. – jvrdelafuente Mar 9 '13 at 10:04

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