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I use this example to draw polygon on google maps :

After drawing a polygon, I would like to read coordinates of polygon created by me. So, in file mapToolbar.js (which is part of above example from in javascript function called stopediting (is run when I click on 'hand' button).

So, my solution to read those coordinates is somekind of loop which I read coordinates :

MapToolbar.features.shapeTab.shape_1.latLngs.b[0].b[i].ib - latitude

MapToolbar.features.shapeTab.shape_1.latLngs.b[0].b[i].jb - longitude

It works quite well, but my problem is that from time to time the suffix ib and jb change to for instance Ya and Za. I hope that you know what it means. I must change my code ;/ but i do not want to! ;)

Do you know how to fix this issue ?

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MapToolbar.features.shapeTab.shape_1 is a google.maps.Polygon-instance.

Use getPath() to retrieve the path and the method forEach to loop over the path:

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Thank you very much! You saved my mini project ;) – GarciaPL Mar 9 '13 at 21:48

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