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Consider this scenario. 1.)onCreate - find the background imageview's height and width and do some math for creating child imageviews where camera taken photos are put. However, I am adding a callback from ViewTreeObserver.OnPreDrawListener because I can't get it's width and height.

2.)makes an intent to launch the camera

Intent intent = new Intent(
        startActivityForResult(intent, CAMERA_REQUEST_CODE);

In the camera when I press ok to return to onActivityResult on my activity. My activity gets killed and onCreate is fired again.

Sequence triggered




I get null pointer because my child views were not yet created.

I'm suppose to take 3 camera images in the activity. So I don't know how I should persist the taken photos on the imageviews. How do I manage this?

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Passing/Persisting bitmaps in between android life cycle is cumbersome. I just use a static class to store the bitmaps and recycle them appropriately if not needed

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