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I get several errors when trying to compile a c++/cli library that uses a native one and the c++/cli project includes msclr helpers for marshalling. If I add the following header

#include <msclr\marshal_cppstd.h>

i get the error

Error   1   error C2059: syntax error : '<class-head>'

and several others following up, too.

The syntax error points to the header file of an external (3rd party) c++ lib (so I can't change the header).

namespace SomeExternalLibNamespace
   namespace interface // problem might be here (interface is a keyword in c++/cli)

If I don't include the marshal_cppstd.h and do the marshalling manually with own methods everything compiles and works fine.

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The problem was that the external c++ library named a namespace interface. This is a keyword in c++/cli. The visual studio parser/compiler of the c++/cli-wrapper for this lib gets broken when including the c++ headers of this lib (and the namespace called interface) and including the headers for helpers e.g. in marshap_cppstd.h, too.

I wasn't able to solve that without doing the marshalling on my own instead of using the ms-helpers.

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My bad, didn't read it properly, if 'interface' is indeed a keyword, then that's the cause of the error obviously, try it with : namespace interface_ for example, and recompile to check the result then.

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As I also wrote: "The syntax error points to the header file of an external c++ lib (so I can't change the header)."... –  Beachwalker Mar 8 '13 at 11:49

you should use quotes : "" to include custom Header files :

#include "msclr\marshal_cppstd.h"
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this does not solve the problem and is not a "custom" header, it is provided by microsoft –  Beachwalker Mar 8 '13 at 10:42

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