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I'am using fabricjs to create a poster( containg text and images).

For font family(like lobster) I'am using google fonts. I save the poster in .svg format(using fabric.toSVG()) on server. I'am trying to generate pdf using Apache FOP (I also tried rsvg, cariosvg and phantomjs rasterize) but they are not able to embed font family correctly.

Problem is because they cannot find css for that particular font. I used to provide the path of css, but still generated pdf contains no font family.

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Actually Apache FOP provides you the facility of adding font matrix. I solved my problem my downloading fonts from googlefont directory and creating a conf file for Apache FOP. In the conf file I mentioned the path to directory. I use -c option to run configs from font file. Added below line to conf.xml file

<directory recursive="true">/var/www/pic/fonts</directory>
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