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i have array of birthdates as array is getting filled from facebook so there are some friends whos birthdates are private so it contain NULL how to convert that array like empty string wherever there is null value the array is like below

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i think im stupid and this all are strings and <null> is also string. –  Prakash Desai Mar 8 '13 at 10:42
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The null values appear to be string literals @"<null>" rather than the NSNull objects typically used to represent nils in Cocoa collections. You can filter them out by using NSArray's filteredArrayUsingPredicate method:

NSArray *filtered = [original filteredArrayUsingPredicate:pred];

There are several ways of making the pred, one of them is

NSPredicate *pred = [NSPredicate predicateWithBlock:^BOOL(id str, NSDictionary *unused) {
    return ![str isEqualToString:@"<null>"];
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As mentioned by @dasblinkenlight , this pred also only checks if the string is equal to the string value "<null>". If you believe that the [NSNull null] value exists in your array, then you should just return str != [NSNull null]. ALSO: This is not the same as returning str != nil –  kevinl Oct 25 '13 at 20:21
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You have to use this to remove the actual [NSNull null] value.

 [array removeObjectIdenticalTo:[NSNull null]];
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This works for me:

NSMutableArray *array = [NSMutableArray arrayWithObjects:
                         @"06/12/1990", nil];
NSLog(@"%d", [array count]);
NSString *nullStr = @"<null>";
[array removeObject:nullStr];
NSLog(@"%d", [array count]);
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This only filters occurrences of the word "<null>", not the actual NSNull value. –  goose2460 Jun 24 '13 at 18:47
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