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this is my AppController.php

class AppController extends Controller {
    public $components = array(
        'Auth' => array(
            'loginAction' => array(
                'controller' => 'students',
                'action' => 'login'
            'loginRedirect' => array('controller' => 'students', 'action' => 'index'),
            'logoutRedirect' => array('controller' => 'students', 'action' => 'login'),
            'authError' => "You can't acces that page",
            'authorize' => array('controller')

    public function isAuthorized($student){
        return TRUE;

this is my StudentsController.php

class StudentsController extends AppController{

        public function login(){
                    $this->Session->setFlash('Your username or password is incorrect');

        public function logout(){

this is my login.ctp

    echo $this->Form->create();
    echo $this->Form->input('username');
    echo $this->Form->input('password');
    echo $this->Form->end('Login');

and in my db the table name is students and its fields are username and password.

But every time I try to login with $this->Auth->login(), it returns false and password wrong flash message is showing and I cannot login.

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Duplicate of hundred others like… - where one forgot to include the Auth adapters (Form in particular). – mark Mar 8 '13 at 11:00
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Because you are using an other model than Users for authentication, you need to provide that model name to the AuthComponent.

$this->Auth->authenticate = array(
    AuthComponent::ALL => array('userModel' => 'Student'),

You should read the documentation

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