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I would love to use breeze.js to communicate with SharePoint 2013. As we are starting to write apps for SharePoint, i think that breeze.js will be a great tool.

SharePoint uses an ODATA-Api, specs

What are the steps i have to take to get breeze to play nicely with the SharePoint backend? As far as i know, this has not been done - and i would like to show that this can be done.

follow-up question

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Sounds like a great idea! We have no SharePoint expertise in house. But we'd be happy to help you be successful by answering questions. The place to start ... is trying to query a SharePoint resource yourself using the API you mentioned. Breeze is happy to communicate with OData endpoints. You might begin by reading the Breeze OData documentation.

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Thank you Ward. I enjoyed your talk at .net rocks and i am looking forward for your angular talk. I will start now by learning a bit more about ODATA and the SharePoint-API. I really hope that you can make a pluralsight course about breeze.js soon :) – Thomas Deutsch Mar 9 '13 at 10:49

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