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Neil Bartlett's article shows the way to set config for bundles without using managed service or managed factory.

Search for examples of actually setting the config for this method either point to felix file install or to examples using managed service.

In answer to the question OSGi Declarative Services vs. ManagedService for configuring service? Neil Bartlett states "Note that DS never actually creates a ManagedService or ManagedServiceFactory for your component. It works by listening to Config Admin with a ConfigurationListener. However the internal details are unimportant... simply create configs with PID/factoryPID matching the and it "just works"

I think the technique involves placing a pid entry in the config dictionary but I have no idea how this would be used with config admin.

A guide or simple example of how to set the configuration using this method would be very helpful.

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Neil Bartlett's book Listing 9.15 has method for achieving the desired result. – paulf Mar 9 '13 at 0:30
My confusion about the pid entry in the config dictionary came about because I had seen examples of a config dictionary containing the pid entry. Config Admin adds an entry for the pid to the dictionary itself when the new config is setup. – paulf Mar 9 '13 at 0:39

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