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Reasking my older question:

Java test coverage: who covers what?

Background: I look at sonar's coverage report for a class and want to know, which test contributes to the coverage of a specific line / branch, so that it easy to got to that test and add the test for the newly introduced if-branch.

Are there other (preferably free) alternatives to clover in the IDE? Perhaps even such that they can be included into sonar ?

Or maybe tricks to enhance, accumulate information with some scripting in emma-reports ?

Or even further, patch emma or cobertura to log the required info (instead of logging a "1" for counting, one could well log the names of class under test and the test, I assume)


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You should definitely give a try to JaCoCo. Its integration with Sonar allows to benefit from new features, for example :

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but this does not answer the original question: by which test is line xy covered. I do not see it in the screenshots you linked, also not on the jacoco documentation:… – Bastl Mar 11 '13 at 7:48
@Bastl: the 2nd link was incorrect, I updated it. Please note that this feature is available only in Sonar 3.5 - which is expected to be out today Monday March, 11th. – Fabrice - SonarSource Team Mar 11 '13 at 12:51

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