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sorry my English. I'm new in Laravel, and i have a table tbalumnos and i'm using prefix tb 'prefix' => 'tb', so i'm using controller Alumnos_Controller, like this: class Alumnos_Controller extends Base_Controller {

public $restful = true;

public function get_index()
    // return Alumnos::find(1)->NombresAlum;
    return View::make('alumnos.alumnos')->with('alumnos', Alumnos::all());

I have a model like:

class Alumnos extends Eloquent
    public static $table = 'alumnos';

And a view alumnos.blade.php with:

{{ $alumnos }}
@foreach ($alumnos as $key => $alumno) 
        Mira: {{ $key }}  y: 
        {{ $alumno->NombresAlum }}
        {{ $alumno->ApellidossAlum }}

And when i go to laravel.dev:8080/alumnos it shows me:

Hola mundo


Mira: 0 y: Mira: 1 y: Mira: 2 y:

It brings the count of rows but doesn't let me access to the datas, i don't know what i'm doing wrong, please help me, i'm really new with this kind of frameworks, and thank u very much.

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Try var_dump($alumno) and tell me what the output is. –  Usman Mar 8 '13 at 12:42
Wow! it shows a big array like: object(Alumnos)#37 (5) { ["attributes"]=> array(21) { ["id"]=> int(1) ["nomatriculaalum"]=> NULL ["nombresalum"]=> string(12) "LUIS RICARDO" ["apellidosalum"]=> string(12) "ANGEL JAIMES" ["docalum"]=> string(10) "1010078645" ["sexoalum"]=> string(1) "M" Thank u, it means that the attributes are brought in lowcase, not like the original, Muchas gracias, sos un duro! –  bluesky777 Mar 8 '13 at 15:31
You should answer your question and mark it as accepted to help others that come across it :) –  vFragosop Mar 9 '13 at 1:53

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