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I have a table with the row below:

enter image description here

When the span field in the second td is clicked I want to change the text in the td.enPublish for the row.

What I have now is

 $('span#publish_field').click (function() {
    title = this.title;  // this is a raw DOM span node, so we can go directly after the title attribute.
    $.post("set_publish.php", { "product_id" : title }, function(echoed_data) { 
            alert (echoed_data);

The third line is supposed to get at that field, but it doesn't. Does anyone see the problem?

The title attribute holds a product_id value for that row and is used in the ajax call to set a field in the database. I thought I could also update the field here in the HTML so the user wouldn't have to refresh the page to see it.

Thanks for any ideas.

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Change $ to find

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Yes! Thank you. – Steve Mar 8 '13 at 15:26

use find()

try this

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