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I'm writing some code to talk to a web service via WSDL-SOAP. I'm using php5's native soap implementation. So far so good.

However I now need to download files as "attachments" over soap. The interwebs is mysteriously silent on how to do this. Surely its possible or the PHP docs would mention it as a limitation ? :\ I did this a few years ago with Pear soap but would really prefer to use the native Soap implementation.

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Please see my answer here. Perhaps this may be helpful.

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Considering this discussion on the PHP Soap Mailing List, it doesn't seem to be possible :

Guilhem Martin wrote:
> Hello all,
> I was not able to find in the PHP SOAP documentation anything about sending
> attachment.
> So my question is: does PHP SOAP extension support SOAP attachment?



But there isn't much detail about it...

Still, I've never seen a file being attached to a SOAP request in PHP

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