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I'll try to be clearer than my question title :)

There a controller+partial for creating some entity, say a contact.
When I hit the save button, I'm able to invoke my custom save method on controller.
There I invoke contactResource.save (that's my custom resource to talk with REST) with a success callback.

In success callback I'd like to change location to go to the contact list page, and when contact page is shown I'd like to show an alert to say that everything was fine.

function save() {
    contactRepository.save(newContact, function success() {
        // Redirect to view and show toast


    }, function error() {

The only way I can think of, is to create some kind of service to "post" an alert, and the next page showing should check the service for any alert posted, show it and then delete that.

Is there any better/suggested approach?

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Uhm, I didn't thought about looking up for the term 'angularjs flash message'.
It seems this SO thread has a very good answer. Kudos to Andy Joslin and Will Vincent.

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