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Is it possible to dinamically change text in the kendo treeView?

var dataSource = treeView.dataSource;
var dataItem = dataSource.get(parseInt($('#inputIdOrgJed' + '@guid').val(), 10));
var node = treeView.findByUid(dataItem.uid);;
treeView.text(node, "ChangedText");

On ajax Update a node text should directly change. read action closes the tree so I cant use it, unless there is a way to avoid this.

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check this – K D Mar 8 '13 at 13:03

dataItem() is an observable array, so using .set() should cause the renderers to update the display automatically.

Presuming the data item text field is named 'text'.

treeview.dataItem(node).set('text', "New node text");
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 var selectedNode =;
 var item = tree.dataItem(selectedNode);  
 item.set("text", "Changed Text");

the point is the first parameter of item.set("text" that should be the dataTextField defined inkendoTreeView configuration.

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