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I am trying to grab the words after "Expertise" and before "Most" in the following string:

"Top Skills & Expertise   Project Management  Cooking  Childcare  Tutoring       Most Recommended"

Based on examples, I think that I should be using this:

(?<=Top Skills & Expertise).*(Most Recommended?=)

But that doesn't seem to work, so I use this:

(?<=)Top Skills & Expertise.*Most Recommended(?=)

Of course, in the second case, the "Top Skills & Expertise" and the "Most Recommended" are consumed and returned, which I don't want.

I"m sure there is just something simple that I'm missing here. Any guidance for a regex newbie will be appreciated!!


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You got lookahead part wrong:

(?<=Top Skills & Expertise).*(?=Most Recommended)
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Great, I knew I had to have something wrong here that was straightforward. I found that the expression as you have it above didn't quite work, though. I needed to do (?<=Top Skills & Expertise)\s.*(?=Most Recommended). Not sure why, though. –  exl Mar 8 '13 at 14:15

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