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I am curious if it is possible to extend the Microsoft Dynamics Nav Classic Client and program an add-on that can for example enhance the Object Designer.

For example in the "Object Designer" it is not possible to do batch updates to several objects at one, for example changing the last modification date and time.

It would be nice to write a small extension for Dynamics NAV that can do this. Any links or information that can help me to get started are very appreciated.

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You can write a Codeunit which can batch update the Object table and update the modification date field. You can then write your own page (or form if you are using only C/SIDE) with a button to invoke the codeunit. You could, for example, set filters on that page to determine which objects are updated.

If you want to import and export objects, it is a little tougher. In NAV 2013 you can use the command line interface for C/SIDE. In earlier versions, I think the only way to do this is to use CFront which can import and export FOB files.

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