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How to find two digits separated by the character '-' between a <div class="lot-price-block"> and closed by <span.

I've try this

preg_match_all('/<div class=\"lot\-price\-block\">(.*?)<span/s',$file_contents,$estimates);

But it give me all the block not only the digits separated by '-'

Someone have any idea?

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Try something like this:

$file_contents = '<div class="lot-price-block">fsfd 32424-554 fgdf <span';
preg_match_all('/<div class=\"lot-price-block\">\D*(\d+-\d+)\D*<span/s',$file_contents,$estimates);
echo $estimates[1][0];

\D => Matches everything that's not a digit ([^0-9])

\d => Matches everything that's a digit ([0-9])

ps: you don't need to escape the hyphens

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