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Is there a way to automate NACHA batch file payments to banks from a generated NACHA file?

I want to get customers bank info into a system then take that info and generate payments to

my account with a batch file.

How can this be done with node.js??

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We've open sourced our ACH file generation library called nACH

This has been a while, but for anyone interested, there is an NPM module called nacha that does what you want. It was made by Bitfloor, the Bitcoin exchange company who recently closed their doors after they were hacked. It's still on their ghostly Github account and I contacted the the man who wrote it. He said he had used it in production for several months without problems. But...he would advise that some work be put in to adding more tests, making the module more extensible and just testing it to be sure it is generating the correct files. I've taken a look at it, and I might attempt to re-write the NPM module for the company I'm working for and then open source it so others can benefit. In the meantime, you could take a look at that NPM module for generating ACH NACHA files.

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