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I'm using these:


The first one matches any word/phrase/sentence/etc. with the letters 'cq' in it. The second one does the same thing but for the word 'conquest'. Are these regex correct?

Also, how do I combine these two regex so I don't have two entries?

Thank you and I'm sorry for the super noob questions! :o

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If by "combining" you mean matching every entry that contains either one of those :

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Combining is simple


will match these 1 of 2 occurences

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Prefer this to the accepted answer if the regex is being used for testing whether the string conforms. Assuming that's the case, the .* at the beginning and end are superfluous as there's no need to grab everything (which could be very inefficient if it were a long input string). –  Steve Chambers Mar 8 '13 at 14:40

Could even use


should do the trick

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