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Is it possible to create a base class in Windows Phone 8 variant of Windows Runtime, that other public ref classes can use?

For Windows Store apps MSDN documents a way to do this (see below).

However this relies on having Windows::UI::Xaml::DependencyObject as an allowed unsealed base class.

As Windows Phone 8 has no C++/XAML programming capability, this class isn't available. You aren't allowed to create a top level object which is visible in public ref classes either as this gives a compiler warning.

Is there another suitable base class that can be used in Windows Phone 8 in place of Windows::UI::Xaml::DependencyObject?

namespace InheritanceTest2 
    namespace WFM = Windows::Foundation::Metadata;

    // Base class. No public constructor.
    public ref class Base : Windows::UI::Xaml::DependencyObject 
       // DependencyObject NOT AVAILABLE ON WP8!
        virtual void DoSomething (){}
        property Windows::UI::Xaml::DependencyProperty^ WidthProperty;

// Class intended for use by client code across ABI.
// Declared as sealed with public constructor.
public ref class MyPublicClass sealed : Base


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WinRT doesn't really support the notion of inheritance for classes. A special case is made for XAML controls in Windows 8, but we don't support C++ XAML on Windows Phone 8.

Peter Torr (MSFT)

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I thought I'd seen this somewhere, but couldn't see it on the MSDN docs. More duplicated boilerplate code around my encapsulated helper class then... – Paul Annetts Mar 8 '13 at 14:46

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