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I am searching a way to do a scheduled activity every tot time. For example, at hh:00:00 i want the java execute the command

System.out.println("It's " + hh + " o'clock");

I have done something similar time ago with the Java classes Timer and Calendar, now that I have met the Joda Time library I wanted to know if there is something similar to Timer class in Joda Time.

Thanks in advice.

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maybe spring scheduler ? –  VirtualTroll Mar 8 '13 at 14:52
There is a Timer class in the JDK. It may be sufficient for your requirements. For a more CRON-like approach, take a look at the Quartz scheduler framework. –  Henrik Mar 8 '13 at 14:53
There's also Quartz scheduler. –  vikingsteve Mar 8 '13 at 15:10
@Henrik - yeah, but would be great if we had the answer to this before we get into scheduling with a combination of Joda and Quartz - stackoverflow.com/questions/15319458/… –  Apple Grinder Mar 10 '13 at 10:09

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The questions seems to confuse scheduling of the task with the purpose of representing underlying DateTimes. As mentioned, Quartz would be a suitable solution for the scheduling piece.

To try answer you question as best I can, from the JodaTime perspective, there isn't a Timer implementation in the API docs that I can see. I tend to think of JodaTime as the human representation of the underlying machine timeline, i.e. what's on the system time in a readable format.

For what you're looking to do in the print you can do:

System.out.println("It's " + new DateTime().hourOfDay() + " o'clock");;

If you're looking for a bit more on clocks/timers in JodaTime the nearest thing I can find that might help you is there is a DateTimeUtils.getMillis() which uses the underlying System implementation, note you can change this for a different Timer/Clock of your choosing.

     * System millis provider.
    static class SystemMillisProvider implements MillisProvider {
         * Gets the current time.
         * @return the current time in millis
        public long getMillis() {
            return System.currentTimeMillis();
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