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I've been having a problem with including Shoes in a Shoes app for Windows. The packager tool works perfectly when I don't ask to include Shoes in the app: I get an .exe that, if launched on a Shoes-less computer, downloads Shoes and then runs as expected.

However, when I ask it to include Shoes, the packager seems to get stuck on something from the get-go. At least, in some other cases, the packager does make an executable, even if it didn't contain Shoes. Here, it just freezes.

I even tried the solution proposed here, but I couldn't manage building shoes. After cloning the rubyinstaller repository and downloading the requisite elements, the rake command aborts prematurely.

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Can you provide the rake logs/output? –  ashes999 Nov 14 '13 at 20:57
Is the app that you're trying to include Shoes in, by chance, also named "Shoes"? –  erahm Jul 10 at 19:50
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May be installer itself is buggy. Try other packaging software. The great one for Windows is NSIS here. It has a simple scripting which will help you to make your installer more adaptive.

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