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I have a perl script running a TCP listener via Net::Server module. When the remote connects to the perl server, the remote sends the filename of an mp3 music file to play. When I fork() and then call system('mpg123 $filename'), the client hangs. How can I background the mpg123 process so the child can close the connection?

my $pid = fork();

      if (defined $pid && $pid == 0)
         # child process  -- never gets to print statement until $cmd is done
         system ($cmd);
         print STDERR "child launched\n";
         exit (0);
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Perl’s system doesn’t return until the command completes. You might rearrange the child to

if (defined $pid && $pid == 0)
    # child process
    warn "child launched\n";
    exec $cmd or die "$0: exec $cmd: $!";
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Thanks, I suspected as much. – wufoo Mar 8 '13 at 15:42
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Ended up using Proc::Daemon

#!/usr/bin/perl -w

use strict;
use Proc::Daemon;

my $dm = Proc::Daemon->new( work_dir=>'/tmp/');
my $pid = $dm->Init( { exec_command => '/usr/bin/find / >/tmp/find.txt', } );

while (1)
   print "child status :".$dm->Status($pid)."\n";
   sleep 2;
   if ($dm->Status($pid) eq 0)
      print "child terminated :".$dm->Status($pid)."\n";

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